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Our mission is to defend the interests of our clients by supporting them throughout the legal process. We aim to continuously improve the range of our skills and expertise in order to achieve or even exceed the reasonable expectations of our customers. To assist, advised and a deliver a robust legal defense is our commitment to our clients.


Because of our thoroughness and professionalism we have built a reputation of excellence and have become leaders in many fields of expertise. We believe that justice served by honest and responsible lawyers who are loyal and faithful to their clients and the law can contribute to the development of the country’s genuine rule of law.


The legal profession is facing daily challenges and has to adapt to the realities of a changing world. We endeavor to get involved in every step of these changes and positively contribute to the implementation of these changes by ushering the required and necessary adaptation to this noble profession without compromising the ethical values that defines it.

Integrity and honesty

We are determined and eager to always maintain the integrity and the honesty that has defined us. It is indeed in the transparency and the avoidance of any conflicts of interest we choose to build the future.

Rigor and knowledge

Every day we grow our knowledge, sharpen our Business acumen, master new conciliation and mediation techniques to improve our practice and better defend your interests.

Innovation and creativity

By developing new legal approaches and solutions to facilitate the performance of our client’s companies, by taking advantage of changes in the law and regulations, we put innovation and creativity at the service of the law.

Our History

It’s in 1907 under the direction of Me Paul Salès a young, determined and visionary lawyer, that Cabinet Salès law firm was created. The history of this firm is intimately linked to the success of its partners who have in turn marked his destiny and contributed to its letter of nobility. In keeping up with deference for a tradition of excellence and integrity, the firm continues to grow and adapt to the new standards and complexities of the laws that govern today societies.


Discover highlights of our history

« Those who have chosen in this beginning of century and Millennium to exercise the legal profession should demonstrate an interest for adventure. For the journey they will undertake or that we have already begun requires a preparation where the words creativity, imagination and innovation are synonymous to success. »

Excerpt from the speech of Jean-Frédéric Salès on the hundredth anniversary of the Cabinet Salès