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Business Law

Business Law

We serve Haitian companies as well as foreign companies already operating in Haiti or looking to establish their business in the country. Our services and our advices are meant to guide the client in the strategic choices of the legal structures best suited for their operations. For any business creation, merger, assignments, acquisitions or restructuration, our associates are ready and able to respond to most of your complex problems.

Creation of new corporation

Banking Law

Merger and Acquisition

Client who wants to engage in mergers or acquiring new businesses knows that they can count on the quality of our experts in the field. Our team has all the necessary skills to respond quickly and effectively in the best interest of the client.

Joint Venture

Globalization and the new opening of Haiti with regard to investment opportunities created the need for both local and international businesses to form alliances, to consolidate their presence, or to enter the market. We offer our customers a range of legal assistance and services for all their joint venture needs.



Our jurists and lawyers are present at all stages of our customer’s business life. They bring targeted solutions to your company or organization tax problems as well as your shareholders and your executives.