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Some of the highlights of our history

1907- The firm foundation

It was in 1907 that Me Paul Salès, a young ambitious and visionary lawyer created The Cabinet Salès law firm in Haiti. Magistrate in the Parquet de Port au Port-au-Prince and subsequently the Government deputy Commissioner in 1910, he will ultimately develop over the years a very sought after and recognized expertise in the intellectual property field of law, a hitherto unexplored domain in Haiti. The impressive journey of this pioneer speaks volumes about the origins and the values of a company which is now in its fourth generation.

1937- Cabinet Destouches and Salès

Following the death of Paul Salès in 1935, his son Jean P. Salès, newly graduate from law school takes over his father’s law firm. However the 19 years old is too young to take the oath, he is assisted by his uncle Me Yves Destouches who became Managing partner of the firm. As a result to this change of direction, the firm takes the name of firm Destouches and Salès until the death of Me Destouches in 1953.

1953- Cabinet Jean P. Salès

The death of Me Destouches in 1953 will make Jean P. Salès the unique associate of the firm that now bears his name and whose main field of practice remains the intellectual property. With time and the arrival of other important actors, the firm will invest in new fields of practice such as Labor law and Business law.

1975- Merger of Liautaud and Salès law firm

In 1975, the Liautaud law firm led by the renowned jurist Me Pierre Liautaud, formerly Dean of the law Faculty of Port-au-Prince merged with the Cabinet Salès. Most of Me Liautaud dossiers are transferred to the Salès Office which benefits greatly from this merger and manage to gain even more notoriety.


1978- Salès firm welcomes a new partner

The arrival in 1978 of Jean Frédéric Salès a young Labor Law lawyer son of Jean P. Salès, will contribute greatly to the current growth and success of the firm. Passionate about the world of Business and finance, Jean Frédéric Salès brings new impetus to the company by offering a new expertise in Labor law and Business law.

It is important to emphasize that the socio-economic context of the time greatly favors the addition of these new fields of expertise to the service menu offer by the firm. Meanwhile Haiti enters a new economic era marked by the creation of new economic blocks and the World Trade Organization. Haiti’s desire to integrate international organizations such as the CARICOM and the net increase in economic exchanges and foreign investment encouraged Haitian investors and Businessmen to seek legal advice in order to consolidate their businesses and to integrate the international market.

Moving at the pace of these changes, the firm renamed Cabinet Salès in 1978, will quickly position itself as a reference in intellectual property, Business law and Labor law. Combining international level skills to an extensive local experience, it responded to the needs of a clientele composed equally of big multinational and international companies and small and medium local enterprises.

2006- Moving from 16th Eden Street

After several decades spent in 16th Eden Street at the heart of the Business district of downtown Port – au-Prince, Cabinet Salès moved its offices to Pétion-Ville in October 2006. A whole new neighborhood and a new found vitality marked this new era of change and innovation for the then almost century-old firm. If the gates of Eden Street participated in the narrative of the many journeys that began at that address, they remain just as symbolic in the mind of the clients always reassured to find in these premises, assistance and sought after expertise. An old Gingerbread type House built in 1929 by the engineer Alphonse Qualo and located at the corner of Geffrard and Chavannes Street in Pétion-Ville was chosen to house the new offices of the firm. Completely renovated and enlarged, the building retains its charm of yesteryear, making it an attractive element of the architectural heritage of Pétion-Ville admired so much by the tourists.

2007- Salès firm celebrates 100 years of existence

To celebrate the firm centennial, several activities are organized to remind the value and the importance of the Cabinet Salès firm as a legal institution in Haiti, but above all, to thank all of those who from near and far have contributed to its success over the years. In the presence of many guests, members of the Salès family evoked the past to speak of their vision and the future of this Centennial firm, nonetheless increasingly young and focused on modernity. An article published in “le Nouvelliste” at the same time (the Salès Office is 100 years old) testifies to the impressive legacy of each of the builders of this firm.

2012-A new branch is opened in Cap-Haïtien